Randy Core For Mayor

“I want to serve as Mayor of Oviedo to continue to see this city I love be a family-friendly, fun and exciting place to live, work, and play. People from all over the country and even the world are moving to Central Florida and many are choosing Oviedo because of the very things we love about it. I believe my experience and leadership can provide new insights and focus as the city deals with traffic issues and the growth in infrastructure and public services. I will work for controlled, smart responsible development to allow our infrastructure to keep pace.”
– Randy Core

Randy Core was born in Huntsville, Alabama before relocating to Oviedo, Florida in 1994 with Lockheed Martin. His career was spent in engineering and program project management. When he retired from Lockheed Martin after 35 years, he left behind a business totaling $100’s of millions in annual sales with 4-5 years of guaranteed future business for his business segment.

He has been married for 36 years to the love of his life, Cheryl and they have raised their 3 sons in Oviedo. All of them are graduates of Oviedo High School.

Currently, although retired, Randy is the EVP and Partner at Strategy Enabled Solutions, LLC (SES) which is a consulting firm in the aerospace industry, the Board President of The Heart of Congo, Inc. a 501(C)3, Board President of Kingsbridge West Homeowners Association, and on the Board of Core RE Holdings, LP.

Vote Nov. 5th, 2019 

7AM to 7PM

The City of Oviedo Polling Locations:

Precinct Numbers 70, 72, 76 vote at:
Live Oak Reserve Community Center
[ 1901 Live Oak Reserve Boulevard ]

Precinct Numbers 74, 75, 80 vote at:
Oviedo Presbyterian Church
[ 2405 Lockwood Boulevard ]

Precinct Numbers 68, 69, 71 & 78 vote at:
Oviedo City Hall
[ 400 Alexandria Boulevard ]

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Mission & Vision

Fostering Community

Oviedo has always been a place where neighbors are family and doing life together on a daily basis builds a sense of community that lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s our neighborhoods, parks, sporting facilities, schools, farmer’s markets or other community events, our city needs to continue to foster opportunities for Oviedians to come together.

“I went through major health problems in 2007, and the way our neighbors, church, and friends surrounded us and put their arms around my family is something I will never forget.”  – Randy

Preserving Historic Oviedo

Oviedo has a history that needs to be preserved and used as building blocks for our future without forgetting about our past. The quaint charm that makes Oviedo needs to be maintained and restored rather than redeveloped.

Responsible Development

I believe we have a responsibility to balance all of the parts that make up our city and allow it to function. This includes our homes, businesses, restaurants, parks, roads, and green spaces that all need to be considered in future growth. I will surround myself with experts that can stress test the impact of these factors coupled with the desires of what the citizens of Oviedo want to see. There is a responsible way to plan for the future that sustains not just Oviedo’s growth but the neighboring cities and towns that visit our city regularly.

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As #OviedoFL's Mayor, I will:
👉 Promote Responsible Development 🌳
🐔 Preserve Historic Oviedo 🍊
🤝 Foster a Culture of Community 🚴‍♂️
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